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    Since our founding, we have steadfastly pursued our objective of targeting the immune system to fight disease, while building a broad and flexible immuno-oncology pipeline based on our deep expertise in the field of immunology. Agenus’ comprehensive approach to cancer immunotherapy includes a diverse portfolio of antibodies including checkpoint inhibitors and other checkpoint modulators, vaccines and adjuvants. We believe combination therapies and the ability to profile cancer patients will be key drivers of success in substantially expanding the patient population benefiting from current immuno-oncology therapies.

    Agenus is positioned to drive the discovery and development of the next generation of combination treatments in immuno-oncology with:

    • A broad portfolio of immuno-oncology drug candidates
    • Three clinical-stage antibodies targeting CTLA-4 , GITR and OX40  (anti-GITR and anti-OX40 antibody development are in collaboration with Incyte)
    • A highly diversified tool kit of discovery technologies
    • Stellar leadership and scientific team with previous tenures at leading companies and academic institutions and clinical centers, and
    • Committed collaborators with complementary skills and resources.

    Over the past few years we have built the key components we believe are required to build an I-O ecosystem to effectively treat a broad range of cancers and treat patients who are not responsive to first generation I-O therapies. We believe we have assembled the capabilities to bring curative treatments to patients.